The History of Lewis Construction, Inc.

Lewis Construction History

Lewis Construction is based in Schofield, in central Wisconsin. Our employees come to us from all over Wisconsin. They have Midwest values that honor a good day's work, comradery, determination, and perseverance. They take pride in a job well done.

  • William J. Lewis & his son William E. Lewis (Bill) do garage slabs and sidewalks on weekends Bill (with his wife Mary's nod) purchases a set of wall forms and establishes his concrete business.

  • Steve joined his dad, Bill, with "sparkplug enthusiasm" and a business vision. Steve signed with the (Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Union) as a cement finisher. Steve married Caryl, and spent each Sunday night doing the 'books' at the Corporate Office

  • First Laser Screed purchased with a hope of things to come…

  • Logistic warehouses and distribution centers ar built in the central WI area. Medical Facility buildings accelerate.

  • Upgraded the Lewis Corporate Office across the drive - no longer a garden shed but a 1200sf building. We needed a Storage and shop to match.

  • Big Box Retail Work were the rage - everyone needed to DYI and discount!

  • Sand Manufacturing Plants - an excellent source of frac sand was found in a geological strain from western WI to TX. Of course, this sand needed to be processed, so we were there to get those plants built.

  • We purchased the Wisconsin Franchise of PrimXComposite Floors. Huge in Europe, this product allows a much stronger floor with less concrete and NO SEAMS. Imagine tow motors traveling over a smooth surface! We poured our first ONE MILLION sq. ft. floor…

  • Large National Distribution Centers. The world continued to increase electronic consumerism and needed more distribution centers.

  • As oil prices dropped due to US production, we finished our last Sand Mfg. Plant. Our reach to National Distribution Centers stretched outside of WI.