About Lewis Construction, Inc.

Lewis Construction, Inc. was founded in 1968 and has grown through the loyalty of our customers and business partners.

What You Should Know About Us

We are a turnkey concrete placement construction company. We have the manpower and the tools to turn your project's concrete scope into a success - safely and on time.

As a Midwest-based company, the "Lew Crew" also has Midwest values.

Our employees are the Lew Crew. This is a unique culture of working together in a composite group, with the same determination and focus as our owner.

Complex Structure

We value a good day's work.

  • We work with our customers to meet and or beat construction schedules.
  • Our crews are specialized to each specific phase of work. Foundations, interior flat, exterior and curb & gutter.
  • We accept challenging complex projects and perform with pride.

We value the safety.

  • Safety is emphasized in every process, every day at Lewis. Through extensive training and communication, we will strive to bring each Lewis Crew member home to their families.
  • We have annual training programs to refresh and train our employees.

We value accountability.

  • Our TOP management is responsive to our customer.
  • Innovation, strength, capability and expertise ensures attention to detail.
  • We give the personal attention you need to make your project great.
  • We aspire to work with our customers and our competitors to move the concrete industry to be the best it can be through creative, technical and cooperative means.
  • We grasp innovation whenever possible. PrimXComposite, is the latest feature in our toolbox.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet or exceed our customer's needs by providing quality concrete construction on-time and safely.

Safety First

At Lewis Construction, we believe that the prevention of accidents is both our moral obligation and just down-right good business. We value each of our employees. We aggressively manage our safety program through education and leadership. Our safety efforts are based on our belief that every one of our employees is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment.

We recognize that the protection of our employees, property, the public and the environment is essential to the efficient and successful completion of every construction project we have.

At Lewis, safety is more than a priority, it is one of our core busines philosophies shared at every level of our organization, from owner to job-site crews to our shop. To achieve our safety goals, the company has:

  • Safety Training Program
  • Safety/Risk Management Program
  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Formal Accident Investigative Procedures
  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Low Incident Rate
  • Transitional Return-to-Work Program
  • Great Insurance Support